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"Denali" - Blonde Roast

"Denali" - Blonde Roast

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Our "Denali" Blonde Roast coffee is light-bodied and sweet, making it perfect for a dessert-y after-dinner espresso. (Of course, it's also great in the morning!

What is a Blonde Roast?

The term blonde roast stems from how the coffee beans are roasted. Essentially, the longer coffee is roasted, the darker the beans will be, which means that light-roasted (or blonde) beans have been roasted for a short time. Because of this short roast time, most of the coffee's natural acidity remains in the beans. As a result, you get a unique, surprisingly smooth, citrusy flavor. People tend to love Blonde Roasted coffee because of its rich taste and mellow body. Have you tried it yet?

Roast: Light (Blonde)

Tasting Notes: Sweet, Buttery, Citrus

Origin: Central America & Africa

Our coffee is roasted in small batches the same day you order. Now that's what I call FRESH!

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    Our Sourcing

    Vanilla Moose Coffee maintains a commitment to quality and ethical sourcing by partnering with a roaster who works with smallholder farms across the world. We aim to support sustainable and equitable agriculture practices while also ensuring that our coffee beans are of the highest quality. Through our dedication to quality and ethical sourcing, Vanilla Moose Coffee is able to offer a delicious and socially responsible cup of coffee to everyone!