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"White Pine" - French Vanilla

"White Pine" - French Vanilla

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Our "White Pine" French Vanilla coffee combines our breakfast blend with french vanilla to give you the perfect mix of flavors. "White Pine" is smooth and decadent, making it the ideal choice for Iced Coffees! (But if you want to use it for hot coffee, it tastes just as good, too)

Tip: Vanilla goes very well with fruity flavors such as strawberries, mangoes, and oranges. If you are drinking this coffee for breakfast, try adding fresh fruit on the side to enhance your palette!

Roast: Medium

Tasting Notes: Sweet, Vanilla, Nutty

Origin: South America

Our coffee is roasted in small batches the same day you order. Now that's what I call FRESH!

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Our Sourcing

Vanilla Moose Coffee maintains a commitment to quality and ethical sourcing by partnering with a roaster who works with smallholder farms across the world. We aim to support sustainable and equitable agriculture practices while also ensuring that our coffee beans are of the highest quality. Through our dedication to quality and ethical sourcing, Vanilla Moose Coffee is able to offer a delicious and socially responsible cup of coffee to everyone!