How to Make Cold Brew Coffee

How to Make Cold Brew Coffee

Cold Brew is one of the easiest ways to brew coffee; it just takes a little patience. This method of brewing coffee uses cold water and takes an average of 12-18 hours to steep, or brew. Similar to the french press method of brewing, Cold Brew requires the grounds to steep in water until the flavor is fully extracted, and then you plunge, or filter, the grounds from the water when it is done. 

Why Cold Brew Coffee?

Cold Brew Coffee is similar to iced coffee, given they are both refreshingly cold coffee drinks. However, iced coffee is brewed hot and then is rapidly chilled by pouring it over ice. This can dilute the flavor of the coffee as the ice melts into your drink. Many baristas brew coffee at a higher intensity when making iced coffee, but this increases the acidity level of the coffee, as well. 

Since cold brew is steeped for a very long time, the grounds are able to gradually release their flavors into the water. Because of this, cold brew is less acidic and offers a stronger and smoother flavor. 

Both cold brew and iced coffee are delicious, but cold brew is king when you want your coffee cold. 

The Details

Grind Size: Coarse

Since you are extracting for an extended period of time, you want the grinds to be coarse so there is less surface area. If you use fine grinds, you risk your coffee being over extracted.

Brew Time: 12-18 hours

If you choose to steep your coffee on the counter, it will take 12 hours, and if you choose to steep it in the refrigerator, it will take 18 hours. Essentially, the colder the environment, the longer it will take to brew. 

Water Temperature: Cold

Cold or room temperature water works great!

Water to Ground Ratio: 6:1

For about 4-5 cups of coffee, use 3 cups of water and 1/2 cup of grounds (if you're pitcher is big enough)

Steps to Brew

  • Grind your coffee if it is not already pre-ground and stir 6 parts cold water with 1 part coffee grounds. ex: 3 cups of water + 1/2 cup of grounds or 1.5 cups of water + 1/4 cup of grounds
  • Cover, and leave it somewhere to brew (Countertop = 12 hours; refrigerator = 18 hours)
  • After 12-18 hours, strain the coffee grounds from the water (now coffee). This can either be done by pouring the mixture through cheesecloth into another container, or if you are using a cold-brew specific device, plunge the strainer through the coffee and pour into a separate container. Please Note: If you plunge your coffee but leave it in the same container with the grounds at the bottom, it will continue to steep - don't do that. 

Benefits of Cold Brew

1. Boosts Metabolism

Like hot coffee, cold brew contains caffeine which has been proven to boost metabolism. 

2. Less Acidic

Since cold brew is brewed for an extended period of time, it is less acidic than hot brewed coffee.

3. Health Benefits

There have been many studies on the health benefits of coffee. Some of the benefits include: it may lower your risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, Parkinson's, and Alzheimer's disease. (not medical advice)

4. Easier on Your Stomach

Since cold brew is less acidic, it may be easier on your stomach than traditional hot brewed coffee. 

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