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Our Story

Vanilla Moose Coffee was created in 2018 as a very small online coffee shop selling a single roast. However, around 2020, the brand went on a little hiatus to then reopen in 2022 with 8 new roasts. Through those 8 roasts, we have been fortunate enough to open our first mobile coffee shop in the summer of 2023 in Lebanon, TN. If you're in the area, come by and see us sometime!

- Josh L, Owner

Our Sourcing

Vanilla Moose Coffee maintains a commitment to quality and ethical sourcing by partnering with a roaster who works with smallholder farms across the world. We aim to support sustainable and equitable agriculture practices while also ensuring that our coffee beans are of the highest quality. Through our dedication to quality and ethical sourcing, Vanilla Moose Coffee is able to offer a delicious and socially responsible cup of coffee to everyone!

Our Coffee v. Grocery Store Coffee

Freshly roasted coffee is widely considered to be superior to store-bought coffee due to its richer and more complex flavor profile.

  • Store-Bought Coffee

    • Mass Production = Low Quality
    • Roasted Months Ago Resulting in Stale Beans
    • Does Not Pull Good Espresso Shots
    • Budget-Friendly
    • No Information on Coffee Sourcing
    • (If pre-ground) Not properly ground for various brewing methods.
  • Vanilla Moose Coffee

    • Specialty-Grade
    • Roasted Fresh the Day You Order
    • Sourced From Small Family-Run Farms
    • Great Taste & Excellent Quality
    • Small-Batch Roasted Meaning Better Roast Consistency
    • Available in Whole Bean For Home Grinding
    • Pulls a Great Shot of Espresso

MMM... coffee :)

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